Individual External Training

Program Specific Skill Development

  • WRI staff may request to attend a seminar/class with an external vendor to develop skills that address a specific programmatic need. The development opportunities should have a set curriculum and learning objectives. Participants will integrate what they learn for the training into their performance goals and objectives for the fiscal year.
  • Directors and managers should work to identify professional development opportunities and share their requirements with the HR Department early in the planning process. This will allow HR to gain a comprehensive view of WRI’s development needs and plan accordingly.

External Professional Development Examples

  • Language courses
  • Professional Tests (example: PMD Pro)
  • Program-specific training

Professional Development Request Guidelines

Professional Development Forms

  • To seek approval for external training, please complete the Professional Development Request Form.
  • Return completed forms to your local HR representative
  • The HR representative will review the request
  • After the request is approved, you may register for the training

Paying for the training:

  • The Professional Development Fund is a reimbursement program
  • Paying for the course initially is the responsibility of the employee or the program
  • You may talk with your HR representative to determine the best approach
  • Two approaches are typical:
    1. The employee pays for the course out of pocket, then submits the reimbursement after successful completion via Concur
    2. The employee’s program/department/center pays for the course, then submits a reclass after successful completion
  • In each of the above cases, HR will provide the budget code after successful completion

To apply for reimbursement:

  1. Successfully complete the course
  2. Share certificate of completion or other course artifacts with your local HR representative to demonstrate successful completion
  3. Share a copy of the receipt matching the amount requested and approved on your PD Request Form
  4. Ensure the reimbursement is reflected on an expense report within 30 days of course completion